Looking Back, Shaping the Future

ACDI MPC kicks off CY 2013 with three momentous events in the form of its traditional New Year’s Call coincided with the Assumption and Turnover Ceremonies of the members of its Management Team. The event which was held last 04 January 2013 was opened with the First Friday Mass celebrated by Rev. Father. Chrismar Daguno and was attended by members of the Board of Directors, Management Team and ACDI MPC personnel.

As one of the significant traditions celebrated by the Cooperative, the Annual New Year’s Call was spearheaded by ACDI MPC Chairman, BGEN Juanito J Malto (Ret) who welcomed the entire ACDI MPC Team with a warm and inspiring New Year’s message.

Immediately after the Call, ACDI MPC President, MGEN Gilbert S. Llanto. (Ret) presided the Assumption and Turnover Ceremonies of some of the key players of its Management Team. The outgoing VP-Internal Audit Ms Ivy Paz A. Cristobal formally turned over her duties and responsibilities to Mr. Ramon A. Tamayo. Ms. Cristobal then assumed the position of VP-Human Resources Department. Ms. Felda Lacdao turned over her position as VP-Training Center to Ms Francine Luanne Collantes the concurrent VP-Special Projects and then assumed the postion as VP NLAO.

In addition to this, the redistricting of the Central Luzon Area Opertions (CLAO) was also held. Having seen the great potential for the untapped Pensioners market of Central Luzon area Opertions (CLAO) led the Board of Directors and Top Management to a decision to redistrict the Area operations into NCRAO and CLAO. Ms. Imelda I. Bautista being the VP CLAO assumed her position as VP-NCRAO. The ACDI-GHQ, ACDI-CJVAB and ACDI-FORTBONI will then be under NCRAO. And ACDI-AFC, ACDI-BAB and ACDI-Tarlac will be under CLAO who will be spearheded by Ms. Irene M. Garcia, Head of CLAO.

Change is the only thing inevitable thereby in every organization change is necessary. These significant events are concrete proofs of ACDI MPC’s dynamic initiatives to continuously improve its organization in pursuant to its goals to its members.