ACDI MPC 2nd Semester Dividend Distribution

The long wait is over! Last February 14, ACDI MPC marked the start of its semi- annual Dividend Distribution for the 2nd Semester of CY 2012 with a dividend rate of 17%. The high dividend rate is a result of ACDI MPC’s continued hard work and efficient management of resources throughout the year. To show support to the event, key personalities of ACDI MPC were present to the legacy branches during the first day of the distribution.

ACDI MPC members nationwide gathered to various respective venues to claim their Dividend cash while others opted to keep their earnings to their Savings Account in order for it to earn further interest. ACDI MPC continuous to share joy by giving all transacting members with free snack during the event.

Visit the nearest ACDI MPC branch near you to claim your dividend.

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