ACDI MPC Conducted Simultaneous SAGA & E at ACDI-AFC & ACDI-BAB

Another note-worthy event was held at ACDI-AFC and ACDI-BAB last 12 March 2013.

ACDI-AFC held the Annual General Assembly at the Officers’ Club Air Force City, Pampanga where in a total of 70 guests attended. The total attendees were composed of 50 Regular and 20 Associate Members. The Election was opened by the Deputized Election Committee, Lt Col Alberto Rico. The official voting time commenced at 0700H and ended at 1000H; while General Assembly started at 0930H and ended at 1100H. The conduct of General Assembly was led by ACDI MPC Chairman BGen Juanito Malto (Ret) together with ACDI MPC Board of Directors, Director Teodoro Evangelista, Director Honorato Santos. Also present were significant personalities of ACDI MPC, to name a few were the following: Board Assistant Treasurer Josefino Viduya, Atty Julius Magno, and EVP for Operations Ms Glenda Lita Ersando. The event was made possible thru the Head of Central Luzon Area of Operations (CLAO), Ms Irene Garcia, ACDI-AFC Branch Manager, Ms Nayda Canita; Assistant Head, Operations- Current Ms Juliet Arquines (Team Leader of Head Office Support Team); Head Office Support Team and Branch personnel.

On the same day, ACDI- BAB Branch held their SAGA & E at the BAB Officers’ Club. A total of 106 attendees composed of 59 Regular and 47 Associate members participated in the event. The official voting time was opened by the Deputized Election Committee, Col. Joey Laquihon (Ret) at exactly 0650H and ended at 1007H. The General Assembly started at 0940H and ended at 1052H and was led by ACDI MPC Vice Chairman MGen Salvador Collantes Jr (Ret), with ACDI MPC Board of Director MGen Jovito Gammad (Ret), Board Treasurer BGen Pedro Rieza; and Board Secretary Atty. Edmundo Macarubbo. Also present in the event were key personalities of ACDI MPC: ACDI MPC President, BGen Alfredo G. Ramirez (Ret) together with Branch Manager of ACDI- BAB, Ms Mary Joy Plant; Marketing Department Head (Team Leader Head Office Support Team), Ms Mary Anne Alabanza; Head Office Support Team and Branch personnel.