Conflict Management Seminar

In compliance with the Cooperative Development Authority Standard Training Curricula for Cooperative Officers, ACDI MPC Training Center successfully conducted a Compliance Seminar on Conflict Management last May 16-17, 2013 at the ACDI Head Office. This was attended by the primary officers of the Cooperative coming from the ACDI Board of Directors, Mediation and Conciliation Committee, Top Management, and a few guests from its other business divisions.

The seminar which was in partnership with ACDI MPC and the Cooperative Union of Taguig and Pateros (COUNTPA) aims to cultivate and formulate a Mediation and Conciliation Program for the Cooperative officers. Atty. Noemi Francisco who was the accredited trainer of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) for the in-house workshop, delivered a lecture that aims to drive the participants to be constantly eager to learn and progress in order to be able to deliver more effective and operative services to all stakeholders.

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