ACDI MPC CY 2013 1st Semester Dividend Distribution

The 24th of July marks the start of ACDI MPC’s semi-annual Dividend Distribution for the 1st Semester of CY 2013 with a declared 16% dividend rate. This semester’s high dividend rate was the result of the Cooperative’s efficient operations as well as its commitment to give back to its 85,776 members their share from the previous semester’s net earnings.

Several ACDI MPC members nationwide visited their respective branches to personally claim their Dividend cash while others opted to keep their earnings to their Savings Account to further earn interest. To add delight to this significant day, members present during the first day were served with free snacks and refreshment. Key personalities from ACDI MPC visited several branches during the first day of the Dividend Distribution in order to show support to the said event.

Dividend Distribution is still ongoing! Visit the nearest ACDI MPC branch to claim your dividend!