ACDI MPC Holds 2nd Water Search and Rescue Training in CDO

ACDI MPC once again conducted its Water Search and Rescue Training (WASAR) from 12 to 18 August 2013 at Barangay Balulang, Cagayan De Oro City. A total of forty volunteers from the said barangay and 10 instructors from Tactical Operations Group 10 and 505th Search and Rescue Group participated in the said activity.

The first two days of the training were allotted for the lecture on First Aid and Basic Life Support while the next three days were application of the life-saving techniques discussed during the lecture. On 17 August, the training was held at Cagayan De Oro River where volunteers were taught the rope and lines swift water techniques. The most difficult part of the training took place in the morning of the last day of the program as volunteers had to learn proper rubber boat operations and had to do a one mile swim in Opol Beach. The entire training was concluded with the Graduation Ceremony in the afternoon of 18 August as the participants received their tokens and certificates for completing the seven-day Capacity Building Training on Disaster Risk Reduction. In the same manner, the instructors also received tokens for imparting their skills in order to equip the participants with the proper skills needed in times of calamities.

The program was created in partnership with CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative, Tactical Operations Group 10, 505th Search and Rescue Group, and Balulang Barangay Council. This project aims to intensify awareness among the residents of the said barangay so as to prevent, or at least lessen, casualty figures. It only goes to show the high degree of commitment ACDI MPC has to its surrounding communities.

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