Living Together in a Cooperative Way

Introducing ACDI MPC Housing Cooperative Project

For more than 30 years now, ACDI MPC continues to gain a strong membership base and excellent operational and financial performance. As part of its diversification from its primary business into a new venture that would be productive, profitable, and beneficial to its members, ACDI MPC is now on the process of setting-up a Housing Cooperative Program.

With its vision of continuously providing services, ACDI MPC through its Property Management Division (PMD) plans to activate a Housing Cooperative Program that would serve the three objectives: to improve the lives of members; to promote cooperative movement; and to contribute to the National Development.

Per Philippine Republic Act 9520, a housing cooperative is “one organized to assist or provide access to housing for the benefit of its regular members who actively participate in the savings program for housing. It is co-owned and controlled by its members.” The ownership of land and housing units is in the hands of the cooperative as a collective entity. Living in a primary Housing Cooperative involves security of tenure and social activities which promote a sense of community. It also offers a pleasant lifestyle based on participation and commitment. In other words, a housing cooperative is more than just housing.

ACDI MPC is planning to establish a proposed Housing Cooperative pilot project in the Province of Cebu. ACDI MPC is now in the process of surveying in the area to get an initial idea with interested home seekers preferences. Stay updated and watch out for more information about ACDI MPC’s housing projects in the coming months.