Turnover and Installation Ceremony of Head, ACDI-FAB Branch

One of this month’s highlights is the turnover and installation of the new Branch Head of ACDI-FAB. Ms. Jacqueline Villar, outgoing head of ACDI-Pili finally assumed her new position as the new head of ACDI-FAB, formerly held by Ms. Imelda C. Bautista.

The ceremony, presided by BGen. Alfredo Ramirez (Ret), ACDI MPC President, was witnessed by significant personalities from ACDI MPC: Ms. Imelda I. Bautista, Head of HR Department; Ms. Imelda C. Bautista, Head of SLAO; SLAO Branch Heads; ACDI-FAB personnel; and other selected guests.

The continuous transition among the current heads aims to challenge them to constantly remain motivated and open to all career growth opportunities because it is through this that they will learn how to become more effective and competent leaders.