Joint Info Drive and Vegetable & Livestock Production Seminar at AFC

Last 08 November 2013, ACDI-AFC Branch, together with ACDI-BAB and ACDI-Tarlac, conducted an information campaign to the newly graduated airmen of the Philippine Air Force who are under training at 710th SPOW. The said activity was led by Ms. Irene Garcia, Head of Central Luzon Area Operation; Ms. Nayda Canita, Head of ACDI-AFC; Ms. Mary Joy Plant, Head of ACDI-BAB; and Ms. Evelyn Estrella, Head of ACDI-Tarlac. Also present to assist in the info drive were officers and personnel from the aforementioned branches.

Right after the info campaign, the Agri-Business Division also conducted a one-day seminar on “Vegetable and Livestock Production” at Gaerlan Hall Combat Auditorium in Clark Air Base, Pampanga. This serves as our way of extending our services to our members through suggesting options on what kinds of businesses they can venture into should they decide to enter the Agricultural Industry. The entire seminar was facilitated by Ms. Mirarose Nioda, Head of the Agri-Business Division, which aims to equip the members with the basic principle of vegetable and livestock production and as well as proper farm operations and management.

Overall, the two activities proved to be a success as ACDI MPC was able to further introduce the Cooperative as well as our products and services to the active PAF soldiers and new airmen. ACDI is very optimistic that this activity will not only improve our operations but also create and strengthen good rapport with the new graduates.