ACDI MPC’s CY 2013 Annual Patronage Refund & Christmas Giveaways Distribution

The most awaited Christmas Season has finally come! It is also the time for ACDI MPC to give back a portion of its earnings to its 44,283 entitled members through the Annual Patronage Refund & Christmas Giveaways Distribution. The distribution of goods, giveaways and cash was simultaneously held last 04 December 2013 at all ACDI branches nationwide. It was a remarkable event as it was not only patiently anticipated by all our patronizing members, but also because of the 18 percent increase from the number of entitled members in CY 2012.

Furthermore, ACDI MPC also officially launched its Junior Savers Club (JSC) mascot on the first day of the distribution at ACDI-CJVAB. Aside from receiving their giveaways, dependents and kids of our members also eagerly participated in the launch of Ading, the Ant through drawing their own versions of the mascot.