Mariano Marcos State University MPC Conducts Lakbay-Aral at ACDI MPC

A 24-man delegation from the Marcos State University Multipurpose Cooperative (MMSU MPC) paid a visit at the ACDI MPC Head Office in Taguig City on May 26, 2015. Said activity was part of the Lakbay-Aral Program of MMSU MPC with the objective of learning from the successful and efficiently-managed cooperatives in the country.

The MMSU MPC delegation was headed by the cooperative’s chairperson, Mr. Constante Salasac, who expressed his great admiration for ACDI MPC’s success story. “We are so very lucky that ACDI MPC was able to grant our request to witness and ascertain the successful operations of this Cooperative,” said Mr. Salasac in his remarks.

The delegates experienced the very warm hospitality of ACDI MPC represented by a roster of Directors and Officers of the Management Team headed by MGEN ROLANDO F CAPACIA (Ret), Vice-Chairperson, and LTGEN ROY O DEVERATURDA (Ret), President. A formal program proceeded, which was highlighted by a presentation on the history, organization and operations of the host cooperative. The event was capped by an open forum among officers from both cooperatives, through which an insightful knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices on running their respective cooperatives were made.

For the past months, ACDI MPC is being consistently selected by various cooperatives from the country and abroad as a cooperative-of-interest in their educational tours and visits. Activities such as this continues to serve as an affirmation to ACDI MPC’s status as a highly successful and model cooperative in the Philippines today.

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