Share Capital Dividend Distribution for 1st Semester, CY 2015

The Dividend Distribution for Share Capital Contributions (SCC) for the 1st Semester of CY 2015 started last July 21. Total dividends declared for the semester amount to P 164,193,440.00 for 98,257 members. The Board of Directors approved the following rates: SCC-Common premium rate is at 14% while the regular rate (i.e. for the amount beyond the prescribed SCC-Common of P 5,000.00) is at 8%; and, SCC-Preferred rate is at 5.5%.

According to the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008 (Republic Act 9520) and ACDI MPC By-Laws, members are entitled to receive interest payments for their respective paid-up Share Capital Contributions (SCC).

To claim the dividends, members may visit any ACDI MPC office nationwide!

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