Hog Raising Seminar in Tacloban City

A Hog Raising Seminar was held at the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) from May 27 to 29, 2015. It was a joint venture between ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative and Foodlink Advocacy Group. Present on behalf of ACDI MPC were members of the Board of Directors, BGEN MANUEL F NATIVIDAD (Ret) and BGEN LORENZO R SUMICAD (Ret). A roster of agribusiness promoters and animal experts from Foodlink facilitated the seminar led by Mr. Bienvenito Nito, a known Cooperative advocate from the University of Asia and Pacific, together with Mr. Vicente Mauricio III and Dr. Willy Resoso, DVM.

Twenty-six (26) members of ACDI-Tacloban Branch participated in the 3-day seminar, with additional participants coming from Barugo Producers Cooperative and INAVET Nutrition Technologies. Participants were taught of the latest knowledge, technologies and best practices on hog raising, which include choosing the best type of hog breeds, basic facilities, feeding management, and animal disease prevention and control. After the lectures and hands-on training held at EVSU, the participants were toured around three hog farms in Leyte, namely: Maniego’s Hog Farm in Sta. Fe; Fr. Bart Hog Farm in Salvacion; and, another farm in Babatngon.

Home to more than 2,000 ACDI members, Tacloban City was chosen as the site of the seminar to build members’ capacity to run a highly profitable backyard business such as hog raising. More importantly, this serves as the Cooperative’s long-term commitment to providing stable sources of livelihood to members in support of their full rehabilitation after Yolanda.

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