BCS and Consultation with Members of ACDI-Tarlac and Trece Martires Branches

Two Basic Cooperative Seminars (BCS) were simultaneously conducted on September 22, 2015 in Tarlac City and Trece Martires. A total of 80 associate members from both ACDI MPC Branches (41 from Tarlac and 39 from Trece Martires) where upgraded to regular status, which brings the total number of new regular members for the year to 454.

After the BCS, new regular members are joined by selected senior regular members to participate in consultation meetings with the Board of Directors and selected members of the Management Team. The Consultation in Trece Martires was facilitated by the team of MGEN GILBERT S LLANTO (Ret), Chairperson of ACDI MPC, and was attended by 48 regular members. On the other hand, the Consultation in Tarlac City was led by the team of MGEN ROLANDO F CAPACIA (Ret), Vice-Chairperson of ACDI MPC, and was attended by 57 regular members.

The BCS is a CDA-mandated activity required for all associate members to undertake before being upgraded to regular status. This aims to breed responsible regular members who have the right to vote and be voted during elections of the Cooperative.

Meanwhile, the consultation meetings across branches serve as fora among members and leaders through which updates, feedback and recommendations on the improving ACDI MPC’s products and services are facilitated and undertaken.

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