Agribusiness Division Holds Free Vaccination in Ibaan, Batangas

ACDI MPC’s Agribusiness Division (ABD) conducted a medical mission at the ACDI Farm, Brgy. Munting-Tubig, Ibaan, Batangas on November 10, 2015. A total of 108 beneficiaries, composed of farm personnel and local residents of Brgy. Munting-Tubig and adjacent Brgy. Rizal of Lipa, Batangas, received free vaccination against tetanus and basic medicine kits.

Tetanus is a potentially deadly disease caused by the harmful bacterium Clostridium tetani, which are commonly present in soil and gastrointestinal tracts of domestic animals such as cows and chickens. ABD operates a vegetable farm, dairy (cow’s milk) production and chicken (paraoakan) breeding. Vaccination against this type of bacteria given is necessary for ACDI Farm personnel and local residents living near the farm, whose occupation nature and residence, respectively, are of high-risk from contracting the deadly disease. The vaccine is given in two shots administered a month apart from each session.

The medical mission was a joint partnership with Dra. Emelita Gutierrez-Abanca; Barangay Councils of Munting-Tubig and Rizal; and, volunteers from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Barangay Rizal Liturgical Committee at Barangay Munting-Tubig Health Workers. The medical mission will resume on December 10 for the administration of the second shot of the tetanus vaccine to same set of beneficiaries.

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