COOP TV: Beaconing the Power of Philippine Cooperatives

The television (TV) is one of the most important inventions of mankind. It is one of the most powerful and most popular media platforms. A person or a group who has effective control and utilization of this important information channel has the ability to influence, educate, inform and shape other people’s beliefs, preferences and outlook in life.

In the Philippines, watching TV is deeply entrenched in the everyday lives of every Juan dela Cruz. In a country wherein an average Filipino spends at least 21 hours per week watching TV, it plays very important roles in society that transcend across all aspects of the social life: from arts, sports and entertainment to politics, education and people empowerment.

In a sector that aims to empower more Filipinos and has strong advocacies for social transformation, the television will serve as an integral tool to the advancement of the Cooperative Movement in the country. Thus, the Coop Broadcasting Federation of Mindanao (COOP TV) was established by 18 cooperatives that operates in Mindanao, which include ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative, among others. It was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority in August 2015. COOP TV was formally launch on November 5 and currently broadcasts product promotional, education, inspirational and advocacy programs across selected territories in Region 10-Mindanao. Long-term goal is to broadcast COOP TV Signal across the entire archipelago.

In attendance during the launching ceremony were MGEN GILBERT S LLANTO (Ret), ACDI MPC Chairperson and a strong advocate of COOP TV; BGEN NEAL P GACRAMA (Ret), ACDI MPC Director; Ms. Juliet Saavedra, Head of ACDI MPC’s Visayas-Mindanao Operations; and, Ms. Vanessa Alega, Head of ACDI MPC’s Central Mindanao Area Operations. Director Gacrama and Ms. Saavedra also serve as COOP TV’s Board Member and Board Secretary, respectively.

COOP TV broadcasts on Channel 99 of PARASAT Cable in Mindanao.

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