VISMIN Group Joins PGMC’s Pension Caravans

Genuine service goes beyond one’s own business agenda. ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative is always open to extending assistance to partner AFP units in serving the needs of institutional members, whether in active service or retirees.

In November 2015, ACDI MPC’s General Santos and Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Branches join the series of information campaign caravans organized by the AFP Pension and Gratuity Management Center (PGMC) in the cities of Cotabato (November 9-10) and CDO (November 12-13). Six hundred (600) pensioners attended the caravans in both cities. Said activities were undertaken to disseminate and update AFP retirees on the basic knowledge, must-knows and new policy issuances regarding pension claims and eligibilities. More importantly, the series of activities became venues for the submission of Pensioner Update Forms (PUF) that the PGMC requires to ensure continued eligibility for monthly pension claims. ACDI MPC as one of the financial institutions serving the AFP provided manpower assistance to accept the PUFs of pensioners, whether they are members of the Cooperative or not.

The Pension Caravans in GenSan and CDO were the 3rd and 4th legs in Mindanao after Zamboanga City (August 17-18) and Pagadian City (August 19, September 20-21). These activities were able to serve more than 4,200 AFP pensioners across Mindanao. ACDI MPC is fully committed to support these activities that will greatly serve to the convenience of AFP pensioners outside Metro Manila.