Study Visit by APRACA-CENTRAB and Bank of Ceylon

Nine delegates from the Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association’s Center for Training and Research for Agricultural Banking (APRACA-CENTRAB) and Bank of Ceylon (BOC) from Sri Lanka paid a visit at ACDI MPC Head Office on January 27, 2016. The delegation was led by Ms. Lecira V. Juarez, Managing Director of APRACA-CENTRAB and former Chairperson of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), and Mr. Sunil Kodituwakku, Senior Manager from BOC. \r\nThe delegates were welcomed by the members of the Board of Directors headed by MGen Gilbert S Llanto (Ret), Chairperson, and by selected officers from the Management Team led by BGen Teodoro P Evangelista (Ret), President. Ms. Esperanza G. Cauyan, Executive Vice President of ACDI MPC, presented to the visiting delegates the Cooperative’s journey – its colorful transformation from a budding cooperative into the largest multipurpose cooperative in the Philippines today.\r\nOfficers from the BOC and ACDI MPC also had an opportunity to share the best practices and cooperative experience in their respective countries. The discussion focused on agri-financing for farmers, funding support from the Congress to cooperatives (Sri Lanka setup), and making cooperatives as conduits for state funding (Philippine setup).\r\nAPRACA is a regional non-governmental organization composed mainly of central banks, agricultural banks, development banks, commercial banks and federations of financial institutions involved directly in agricultural credit and rural development. It was founded in 1977 with headquarters located in Bangkok, Thailand. The Center for Training and Research for Agricultural Banking (CENTRAB) serves as APRACA’s training and research arm.\r\nAPRACA-CENTRAB has 70 member-institutions across 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific. In the Philippines, it has nine accredited organizations, which include Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Land Bank of the Philippines and the CDA.

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