ACDI MPC Holds 33rd Annual General Assembly and Election

ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative successfully held its 33rd Annual General Assembly and Election, which was held in series across twenty-three (23) venues in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao from February 16 to March 17, 2016. A total of 2,755 members participated in the SAGA&E series, of whom were 2,357 Regular Members in Good Standing who voted during the election. Voters’ turnout for this year stood at 86%, which reflects how engaged and participative ACDI MPC members are in the affairs of the Cooperative.

The conduct of the Annual General Assembly is a faithful compliance with Republic Act 9520 or the Cooperative Code of the Philippines. The General Assembly, composed of all Regular Members in Good Standing, is the highest governing body of a Cooperative, through which the power and authority of the Board of Directors and the Management emanates to run the operations of ACDI MPC. During the recently held General Assembly of ACDI MPC, the President (on behalf of the Management) reported the operational performance of the Cooperative while the Chairperson presented the Cooperative’s strategic direction and long-term development plan. Other matters such as ratification of the acts of the Board of Directors, appointment of external auditors were also discussed and appropriately decided upon.

Simultaneously held during the Annual General Assembly is the Annual Election of Cooperative’s Officers. For this year, members voted for five (5) new members of the Board of Directors, two (2) new members of the Audit Committee and one (1) new member of the Election Committee. The winners of the recent election are as follows:

Board of Directors
BGen Teodoro P Evangelista (Ret)2,115 votes
BGen Fred M Payawan (Ret) 2,081 votes
BGen Alfredo G Ramirez (Ret) 2,028 votes
BGen Pedro E Rieza Jr (Ret) 2,018 votes
BGen Alger C Tan (Ret) 1,955 votes

Audit Committee
BGen Romeo N Dela Cruz AFP 2,357 votes
Col Wilfredo A Buhayo Jr PAF 2,357 votes

Election Committee
Col Felino R Natividad PAF (Ret)2,357 votes