ACDI MPC Joins 19th Dairy Congress and Expo

ACDI MPC delegates composed of the Chairperson MGEN GILBERT S LLANTO (RET), Director BGEN MANUEL F NATIVIDAD (RET) and Agribusiness Division personnel led by its Head, Ms. Renee Marie SJ Azaula, are currently participating in the 19th Dairy Congress and Expo (DairyConEx). The event is being held at the Negros Oriental Convention Center, Dumaguete City from April 13 to 15, 2016.

The event was organized by the Dairy Confederation of the Philippines (DairyCon) in partnership with the local host, the Negros Oriental Federation of Dairy Cooperatives, the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental. Dr. Agapita G. Salces, a known animal geneticist from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños and ACDI MPC consultant, is among the invited speakers in the convention.

The DairyConEx serves as a convention of dairy producers, regulators and stakeholders which aims to substantially raise the productivity and income of dairy farmers, augment the base herd, create new market niches, and accelerate the realization of a self-reliant countryside.

ACDI MPC has a significant interest in dairy production. Since 2015, the Cooperative operates a dairy production facility at the sprawling ACDI Farm in Ibaan, Batangas. The ACDI Farm facilities are proudly environmental compliant as certified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The initial foray of ACDI MPC in the dairy production last year was boosted by the strategic partnership with Batangas Dairy Cooperative and Batangas Christian Dairy Farm. As of writing, there are currently 14 adult cows, producing a daily average of 10 liters per cow or a total of 140 liters. Intensified dairy operations is in the process with the procurement of additional cow heads and expansion of dairy facilities (i.e. milking parlor, dairy paddocks and lot area) which are in the pipeline.

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