Basic Coop Seminars Held in CDO and Trece Martires

Two Basic Cooperative Seminars (BCS) were held simultaneously in Cagayan de Oro City and Trece Martires City on May 3. A total of 79 associate members were upgraded to regular status after attending the seminars.

Under the ACDI MPC By-Laws and pertinent membership policies, associate members can only be upgraded to regular membership status upon satisfying all mandatory prerequisites that include completing the BCS as a final requirement. Attendance to the seminar has deepened awareness and knowledge of ACDI MPC and the worldwide Cooperative Movement – its history, principles and current developments. Members were also given a venue to share insights, concerns and recommendations which are necessary inputs in further improving ACDI MPC’s products and service delivery.

After the BCS proper, a financial literacy seminar (FLS) was conducted in both venues. Selected senior regular members and spouses joined the BCS attendees as participants in this segment. FLS participants were taught how to manage personal funds, how to start and manage a business and how to use debt wisely.

The benefits of health insurance and the products of the Coop and Health Management Federation (One Coop Health), which ACDI MPC members and their dependents can avail, were also presented. One Coop Health is the first health maintenance organization (HMO) fully owned and managed by cooperatives in the Philippines, with ACDI MPC as one of its original cooperators.