Study Visit of Quality Multipurpose Cooperative

Ten (10) delegates from Quality Multipurpose Cooperative paid visit to ACDI MPC on 13 July 2016 held in Col Godofredo M. Juliano Bldg., Bayani Road, AFPOVAI Phase 5, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. The delegation was headed by Mr. Santiago S. Pader, Member of the Quality MPC Board of Directors. They were welcomed by members of the ACDI MPC Board of Directors headed by BGEN ALFREDO G RAMIREZ RET. and by selected officers from the Management Team led by BGEN LORENZO R SUMICAD (Ret), President of ACDI MPC.
The discussion focused on strategies in expanding membership and sharing of best practices. The ensuing discussion also delved on collection efficiency, insurance claims, and the advancement of the Coop Health Management Federation (CHMF). Different business lines and subsidiaries of ACDI MPC were also given the spotlight to promote its products and services.
Mr. Santiago Pader, in his thank you message, expressed his overwhelming feelings for ACDI MPC’s hospitality. He also added that they are grateful for the warm welcome and closed his message stating that this has been the best visit they have experienced so far.
ACDI MPC Acting Vice Chairperson, BGEN ALFREDO G. RAMIREZ (Ret), in his closing remarks, urged Quality MPC to join the CHMF for further growth and expansion. He also concluded that the essence of “Lakbay Aral” is the exchange of learnings and gives opportunities for Cooperatives to know what is going on, what to improve, and what should be done to advance the cooperative movement.

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