BCS and Consultation with Members of ACDI-Pili, ACDI-Macatan and ACDI-Cebu

Two (2) Basic Cooperative Seminars (BCS) were simultaneously conducted on 27 October 2016 in Naga City and Mandaue City, Cebu. A total of seventy-nine (79) associate members, thirty-four (34) from Pili, twenty-two (22) from Mactan and twenty-three (23) from Cebu, were upgraded to regular status after successfully completing the seminar of their respective branches.

The BCS is a CDA-mandated activity required for all associate members to undertake before being upgraded to regular status. This aims to breed responsible regular members who have the right to vote and be voted during elections of the Cooperative.

ACDI MPC recognizes the important role of its members. By regularly conducting the BCS, it will provide them venue to maximize their membership benefits and at the same time, deepen their knowledge and relationship with the Cooperative. The BCS also serves as platform for members to impart their insights, concerns, and recommendations which are necessary to further improve ACDI MPC’s product and service delivery.

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