Share-a-Photo Promo Winner

ACDI MPC congratulates all Share-A-Photo Promo Winners!
1. Carlito Mendoza Alcantara Jr
2. Merly Rebato Divino ACDI-CDO Branch
3. Arnel Cabilitasan Laboro ACDI-CJVAB Branch
4. Richard Arroyo Pagaduan ACDI-SAN ANTONIO Branch
5. Ryan D Penafiel ACDI-EAAB Branch
6. Jayson T Gerola ACDI-AFC Branch
7. Julie Anne Millano Obligar ACDI-MDAAB Branch
8. Mari Kitstrell S Villaestiva ACDI-FAB Branch
9. Mario R Beltran ACDI-ABAB Branch
10. Romulo Sumagui Alba PAF ACDI-ABAB Branch

To claim your prize, read the instructions stated below.
1. You may claim your prize at your ACDI Branch of Membership starting 31 January 2017.
2. Bring one (1) Valid ID (ACDI, AFP ID or Government ID)
3. You have until 29 February 2017 to claim your prize to avoid forfeiture
4. Personal appearance is a must.