ACDI’s Lipa and Air Force City Branches hold Health Literacy Programs

“Health is wealth; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

On May 11, 2017, ACDI MPC will celebrate its 35th Anniversary with the theme, “ACDI Cares.” Activities will focus on the “care” aspect, underscoring the value of healthy lifestyle and awareness as a deterrent to serious diseases and medical conditions in the future.

As part of year-round anniversary celebration, ACDI-Lipa and Air Force City (AFC) branches held their respective Health Literacy Programs on April 4 and 6, respectively. A total of 71 members benefitted from said programs, 26 members of whom are from the Lipa Branch, and 45 members from the AFC Branch. For both segments of the health literacy program, Dra. Aileen Binuya M.D. from the Cooperative Health Management Federation (CHMF) conducted the lecture on hypertension and diabetes. Free blood pressure screenings were also provided during said events.

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