On May 2018, ACDI MPC celebrated its 36th Anniversary with the theme, “Members first, Always!” This another milestone tells the Cooperative transformed into one of the leading and most admired organizations in the country.

This year-long anniversary will be celebrated through the conduct of activities which focuses on health, capacity-building, and success of members.

The pre-anniversary celebration was highlighted through a series of Search and Rescue Training conducted by ACDI Branches and Offices nationwide. ACDI sees these trainings as socially relevant to members and the community.

ACDI also initiated the “Kalingang ACDI: Livelihood Training Program” as one of the Cooperatives capacity-building programs. This aims to provide, develop and strengthen the skills of members to assist them build new livelihood or start their own business with Plans to partner with TESDA.

As highlight of the celebration, ACDI awarded 36 members who have been successful in their livelihood and respective businesses through the help of ACDI’s product and services.

As series of Health Care Expo will also be conducted in Luzon and Visayas in the latter part of the year as ACDI’s way to impress the importance of health and wellness among members. The D-day celebration of branches was filled with activities and promos for our members. Members also benefited from the conducted medical check-ups to include blood-pressure and glucose level reading. Medical kits and special raffle prizes were also given away sponsored by ACDI MPC’s lending and Complementary Business Lines.